Our New Pendle Hill Pamphlet


Systemic           Violence,

Out NOW!

and Retrospective Justice: 

An African American Quaker Scholar-Activist

Challenges Conventional Narratives

By Harold D. Weaver, Jr.

We are extremely excited to announce our new Pendle Hill pamphlet, “Race, Systemic Violence, and Retrospective Justice: An African American Quaker Scholar-Activist Challenges Conventional Narratives." 

This pamphlet is now available online at the Pendle Hill Bookstore! 



Our unjust world is maintained by misinformation and disinformation in the media, formal education, scholarship, and political discourse. Dr. Weaver lays out steps and queries to guide Friends and others to begin confronting these concerns in the wider world. This pamphlet addresses the following topics:

  • Understanding the difference between individual racism and institutional or systemic racism.

  • Using active anti-violence to confront systemic violence, rather than passive non-violence.

  • Implementing a plan of retrospective justice to address the legacy of chattel slavery in the Religious Society of Friends and the United States; and calling for a robust justice testimony to begin this process. 

Forms of Structural Violence 






Inspired by the work of Palestinian Friend,

Quaker Leader, and Human Rights Activist Jean Zaru. 

Occupied with Nonviolence:

A Palestinian Woman Speaks

by Jean Zaru (2008)



The BlackQuaker Project (1) celebrates the lives and contributions of Quakers of Color worldwide and (2) documents and addresses their concerns. It is an outreach and in-reach ministry of Wellesley Friends Meeting, guided by the Quaker testimonies of Truth, Peace, Equality, Community, and Justice.


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