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The China-Africa-Russia Project

This project studies and facilitates training and education programs between African countries on the one hand and China, Russia, and USA on the other hand.

The BlackFilm Project

The BlackFilm Project is an independent, transnational, non-profit cultural and educational organization dedicated to using film and other visual media and moving images to foster understanding, respect, and appreciation of the people, cultures, and societies of Africa and the African Diaspora, past and present. To carry our mission, we are committed to developing and implementing programs and festivals at universities, schools, museums, libraries, and other non-theatrical venues in the Americas, in Europe, in Asia, and in Africa. We are interested in improving the quality of Film, African American, African-Diasporic, Transnational, and Educational Studies throughout the world, both for the general public and for specialized, university audiences.

Worldwide Collaborators and Clients as Lecturer, Programmer, Curator, and Consultant 

  • Harvard University

  • Yale University

  • Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), New York

  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Madison

  • Ohio State University

  • University of Redlands, CA

  • College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, ME

  • Weber State University, Utah

  • University of Chicago

  • University of Washington, Seattle

  • University of Pennsylvania

  • Temple University

  • Howard University

  • Virginia Union University

  • Clarke-Atlanta University

  • Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA

  • Denver International Film Festival

  • University of Colorado - Denver

  • University of Denver

  • DePaw Univeristy

  • Princeton University

  • Haverford College, PA

  • Rutgers University, New Brunswick

  • Rutgers University, Newark

  • Rutgers University, Camden

  • Goddard College, VT

  • Talladeega College, AL

  • Vorhees College, SC

  • Harvard Film Archive

  • Bowdoin College, ME

  • Boston University

  • Vermont International Film Festival

  • New Orleans International Film Festival

  • Black Film Festival, Newark, NJ


  • Beijing Film Academy

  • Beijing University

  • Zhejiang Radio and TV University

  • Sichuan University

  • Guangzhou Foreign Studies University

  • National Chiao Tung University (National Jiao Tong University), Taiwan

  • Xi-an Quijiang Film and TV Investment (Group) Ltd., Xian

  • American Studies Association annual meetings, Guangzhou and Kunming

  • Beijing USA College of English, "Beijing USA Film Festival"

  • Beijing Foreign Languages and Culture University

  • Beijing Foreign Studies University

  • Zhejiang Normal University


  • United Nations, New York

  • UNESCO, Paris

  • University of Liverpool, UK

  • University of Muenster, Germany

  • University of Paris VIII-Vicennes/St. Denis, France

  • McGill University, Canada

  • Amiens International Film Festival, France

  • Festival des 3 Continents, Nantes, France

  • Zanzibar International Film Festival, Tanzania

  • FESPACO (Pan-African Film Festival), Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

  • Carthage International Film Festival, Tunisia

  • African Film Festival, Montreal, Canada

  • Laval University, Quebec City, Canada

  • Commenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia

  • University of Montreal, Canada

  • University of Toronto, Canada

  • McMasters University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

  • TADIA International Conference on the African Presence in Asia, Goa, India

  • University of Dakar, Senegal

  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada

  • Dapper Museum, Paris

  • Afro-Caribbean Festival, Veracruz, Mexico

  • African Film Festival, Carlow, Ireland

  • Nordic Art School, Kokolo, Finland

  • Polytechnic University, Finland

  • European Committee on African American Research (CAAR), UK and Germany

  • Quai Branly Museum, Paris

  • Various universities in Turkey, Germany

  • University of Innsbruck, Austria

  • European American Studies Association, University of Graz, Austria 

  • Festival Afro-Caribeno, Veracruz, Mexico

  • CIDOC (Ivan Illich), Cuernavaca. Mexico

  • 50th Anniversary Conference, First World Festival of Black Arts, Dakar, Senegal 


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Paul Robeson House Story - Dr. Harold Weaver
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